Welcome to The Files of Ben Potter!  This site is designed to provides an overview of my professional and educational aspirations as well as past accomplishments.   

The true purpose of the site will be dictated by you, the audience.  Whether you are looking for background information, a testimony to my professional endeavors or simply interested in my musings, you will determine the base intentions of the page.  Please use the links in the sidebar to navigate through the aspects you find relevant or of interest. 

Educational Philosophy 

My educational philosophy consists of three cliches that function as the tenets of my views on education: knowledge is power, good enough is never good enough and practice makes perfect.

 The more that a person knows, the more effective he or she can be in a professional setting.  Knowledge is the greatest asset a person possesses and it should be a lifelong quest to acquire as much as possible.

 Producing sub-par work yields sub-par long term learning.  Failing to put in a dedicated effort does not increase mastery of skills and knowledge; it maintains the status quo. To fully master material, a student must push their bounds and move beyond the notion of good enough.

 Learning does not occur instantly.  It takes practice and repetition to be able to apply learned material in real world situations. It is necessary that this repetition is completed at a high caliber to encourage mastery of concepts.


Education is a process: one that is arduous and time consuming, yet the benefits of knowledge allow a person to surpass expected potential.