Personal Learning Network


Teachers Teaching Online (Group):  This page deals with all aspects of teaching online and has personal comments, tips and resources for an online teacher. 

Graphic Design (Group): This group deals with graphic design and different software than can be used in creating images.  It also contains many free resources associated with graphic design.

Teachers Throwing Out Grades (Group):  This group focuses on using formative assessment in classrooms to assess learning and not just using grades as a motivator for students.

Educators Using Facebook (Group): A page that contains links and posts to help classroom teachers implement a variety of online resources into the classroom.

Teaching with Tech (Group): A nice all around site that offers a variety of posts on apps for the classroom to learning theories.  It offers a little bit about everything technology and education related.


Tools4Study (Blog):  This blog focuses on different technology resources that can be utilized in a classroom to improve teaching practices and the learning process.

Reflecting English(Blog): Personal anecdotes and reflections on English classroom make up the majority of this blog.  Although specific to my current career, it does shed useful insight on teaching as a whole. 

TED (Blog): A philosophical blog with ideas about the world, typically in video form that can be implemented in a wide array for educational purposes.

Tech (Blog): This blog focus on anything technology oriented and cutting age.  Staying up on all aspect of technology is useful when working in an online world.

Bill Mullins Weblog- Tech Thoughts (Blog):  Bill Mullin’s blog deals with many of the controversial aspects of technology.


@techcrunch: Tech Crunch follows any news about current technology.

@educationweek: Education newspaper with tweets on all aspects of education news.

@mashsocialmedia: This account focuses on issues and news in social media.  Social media can be a very useful tool  in education and many online learning experiences mirror social media sites.

@mashable:  Tweets dealing with trendy technology and current events that incorporate technology.

@wired:  Wired is based off Wired Magazine and covers trends in the digital market.


How To Teach Online - Online Teaching Tips, Jobs and More!: This is a group that allows professional educators to post tips or give advice on all aspects of education.

Online Teaching:  This group provides information on conducting online courses with more of an international focus. 

Webcasting & Webinar Professionals:  Postings on this site deal with how to create, incorporate, engage learners and promote webinars.

International Society for Technology in Education: A great group that promotes different ways of using technology in education and conducts discussions on best practices. 

Teacher's Lounge: This group covers educational news topics to pedagogy to job postings.  Everything that faculty would talk about in the teacher’s lounge can be found here.


Blended Learning 2.0: This pin gives a visual of the elements in blended learning and gives some tips for success in a blended learning environment.

Ipad as the Teacher’s Pet: Apps for teaching are presented on this page with short summaries.

Teacher’s Guide to Edmodo in Class:  This page provides a tutorial for using Edmodo in class and assists with commonly asked questions. 

Blended Learning: A Disruptive Innovation: This pin looks at the trends of blended learning and provides a few studies of its efficacy.

12 Ways to Integrate Technology in Education:  Although a bit misleading at first, this pin does provide ways to fully incorporate technology into the classroom as opposed to using it sporadically.